The Best Hijab Materials to Select for Each Season

The Best Hijab Materials to Select for Each Season

When selecting your hijab materials for season purposes, making your choice should hold the same importance as selecting an outfit, because it is a key component to your fashion identity. The most important thing you should always keep in mind is, modesty or style should never be sacrificed whenever you opt for hijab materials to carry your through each season. It is just always just about making the right smart material choices that will adapt for your comfort, style etc.
Did you know that certain material properties actually accentuate or hinder hygiene and health aspects? Some materials that you may opt for will contribute to health issues such as skin breakouts and hair loss further down the line of wearing them. In addition to this, Hijabi’s know that we wear headscarves for a large majority of our lives, so minimising these issues should hold a large priority-it is for your own comfort and benefit overall, no?
So, within this blog post, we hope to enlighten you on the key components to consider when
selecting the right hijab materials for yourself. Yes, most of the time material choices are season dependant, so as fellow sisters, we have to help each other out! What’s a girl got to do around here to know what hijab materials she should wear?

Read on to find out more…

Materials, Health and Long-Term Benefits

The hijab really is a barrier against the weather and making the smart choice can prevent you from feeling uncomfortable. Picking materials that are breathable for warmer months versus insulating materials for colder seasons, is what your choices should orbit around. Also, it is imperative not to forget to mention the hygienic and health benefits that will follow from your smart material choices. The breathable and light materials which will be highlighted in this blog, aid the inhibition of skin irritation-including general breakouts that often occur due to the blockage of moisture and oils between the layers of skin and scarf. Such negative effects can progressively heighten hair loss as your hair doesn’t like to be restricted without air for long periods of time-so take note!

Materials you should opt for In general, natural fibres always go a long way in aiding your comfort when wearing them.
Materials such as organic cotton, lyocell... are lightweight and breathable; you can
layer them up or down to supress heat and insulate warmth.


Chiffon is a favourite for many hijabi’s out there. Made from polyester, or recycled polyester* this material has a very light feel to it, draping very elegantly without any constraint to its muse. Perfect for both hotter and warmer seasons; it ventilates air well when worn, making it a godsend in the
summer! Wear with an under cap to prevent any slippage against a light summer breeze or wrap and secure it with a pin for a ‘double wrap effect’ in aid of warmth and insulation. The longer length of this material makes it a perfect modest coverage around the neck and chest.
See our Saisei and Nas Collections for a large range of chiffon styles/colours guaranteed to compliment your climate and fashion sense, wherever you are.


Jersey hijabs are a light to medium weighted hijab. Despite being heavier than alternatives like chiffon, this hijab is flexible and breathable due to its organic cotton and lycra mix.The scarf material moulds to you and your behaviour, meaning you will not feel restricted; rather more comfortable in warmer climates. There is a reason why this hijab is the most picked material for sporting events-it is ideal for moisture regulation and can really fight off those hot flushes, from different temperature exposure. For colder climates, you can wrap
this hijab material (pin free) for a snug and warm fit. This is the most evolved material that adapts for each hijab style, with minimum effort and fuss!
All our collections focuse on a variety of sustainability friendly Jersey material tones that are appropriate for all season wear and empower every woman in their daily stride to success.

Organic Cotton

Cotton materials for hijabs are a go-to for everyday and occasion wear. Cotton is a natural fibre that will always adapt to the season you wear it for. Being extremely light weight, there is a reason as to why most smart summer clothes are consistently made from cotton. There is a rule, the more synthetic materials will get, the less breathable and comfortable they are to wear. So, cotton is another perfect option that can be doubled up to fend off winter storms or wrapped down to embrace the summer sizzle.


Materials you should avoid

Silk is a luxurious and elegant material to opt for certain occasions i.e. evening wear yet usually, it can be a hijabi’s worst nightmare! This material is extremely lightweight and soft, meaning it will move consistently, and frequent trips to the bathroom mirror will be needed! It is not entirely practical either and the fact you will need to wear a under cap to keep it in place, may not be entirely ideal for the warmer summer months and air ventilation. Sweat will just sit under your scarf and when you wear this for a whole day, it is not a pretty feel or sight when you take it off-hello frizzy hair! Also, there is no doubt about it, silk is not a sustainably sourced material and therefore, for the consciously aware, this material is not an

Natural vs Synthetic

It is a no-brainer that synthetic and unnatural materials will constrain your body’s natural rhythm and response against seasonal changes. Acrylic materials do not feel very unnatural
on the skin and believe it or not, it is a huge contributor to acne and breakouts for hijabi’s, due to the lack of ventilation between your skin and the scarf itself. Sweat and oil build upswill be very common, as the scarf is water repellent. The progressive grease and oil build up in your scarf, alongside your constrained hair will increase the risk of hair loss when worn over long-term wear. So, in a nutshell, definitely a headache to wear.

Colour Choices Are Important Too!

The last factor to mention within this material guide-yes colour choices should hold large importance for weather savvy hijabi’s! You do not need to be a scientist to know that darker colours attract and absorb the sunlight much more than lighter materials. Therefore, if you want to stay cool and comfortable, opting for light colours such as the pastels and creams from our Lur and Saisei collection, should definitely keep you enjoying the summer days for longer. In contrast, darker colours work great when you need to soak in all the sun rays
possible, to fight the frosty cold air of winter. Besides, most fashion trends alternate around darker colours for fall/winter, as opposed to light pastels, whites and creams for spring summer, meaning your hijab material choices should work around the seasons too, to suit
your dress pallet.