Hijab Styles to Conquer all Seasons

Hijab Styles to Conquer all Seasons

A Modern and Modest Guide For all Fashion Forward Muslimah’s


Hijab in Arabic translates as a ‘barrier’ in relation to modest principles and behaviour. Hijab is by no means a one-way street, it can be developed around who you are as a person with identity. For that reason, hijab can be styled according to many reasons such as fashion trends, your facial structure (to enhance your existing features), cultural influences, occasion wear and most importantly weather!


Your Hijab Style Should Always Depend on the Weather, Materials and Textures


Hijab styles should always alternate depending on weather basis. You will find that layering with your hijab is perfect for colder climates, yet not so comfortable and ideal when the temperatures soar. For that reason, it is important to avoid layering and opt for lighter and breathable coverage to combat off those summer rays and keep your cool. Therefore, for you and your comfort (and sanity), pick the textures that will help you evolve and thrive from season to season.


A key thing to remember is that, your individual style and identity, should never have to be compromised to face the seasons. It is always about making smart choices and understanding the principles of the styles in relationship to the seasons.



What Styles to Avoid Always


Hijabi’s will always love a style that requires minimum effort and maintenance. Nobody wants to be that girl who constantly stops at every mirror to fix their scarf, right? Therefore, we always suggest avoiding materials that are prone to slipping, and have no resistance to them. Materials such as silks, satins etc. will make you feel self-conscious and you will always fuss and fret over how they look and feel. You will also find that these materials need a lot of upkeep, with under bonnets, caps and pins to keep it in place and let’s admit, in summer that is definitely not fun nor summer friendly.


Fall and Winter Styles to Opt For


The snug wrap


The idea of this scarf, is for you to use the maximum coverage of the scarf length and incorporate it to the style. This will often fit very securely around your face with a very neat finish. Any natural fibred material will suit this preference, yet opt for an under cap for extra security and insulation. Our best material picks for this style would be all the breathable fabrics, such as jersey, chiffon and cotton. These fabrics ensure you will not overheat despite all the layers needed to combat the frosty outdoors. In addition to this, they do have a rapid drying capacity-should you ever get caught up in any rain showers. Nobody wants a wet head for too long, do they?


Voluminous style


Voluminous hijab styles mean that you often will include more fabric to your styling with extra accessories. More fabric, means warmer ears against the outside cold and you can try out a sassy layered affect to your hijab, provided you have pins at your disposal. By using an under cap underneath your headscarf, the pins will have friction to hold onto, so that you can build layers as desired. Do not forget that there are always hair clips and volume bobbles that can be worn under the scarf too, if you are not after a flatter kind of look from the back of your head. Ladies blessed with long hair can obviously skip this step.


Turban with Volume


This winter wrap is not as simplified and you can opt for longer and thicker fabrics to fend against the winter months. Again, like the voluminous hijab style, it is up to you how far you want to go with your layering and folds. It is all about being creative and finding the style that best suits you and your features. Make sure you have some pins at your command, to create your canvas!


Spring and Summer Styles to Opt For


Minimal layering hijab


This hijab style is all about minimalism. The less the fuss, the better! By opting for this style, you will find that it will usually never need any pins to secure it in place, yet by using chiffon materials from our Nas & Saisei collection, the light friction from the material will enable maximum security (with minimal slippage) when placed on your head. If you do opt to secure it with a pin, pin it under the chin and leave a point at the top, to allow that summer breeze to ventilate through. If you happen to use chiffon, or other lightweight materials like cotton and jersey, you will be able to drape it across your outfit, for that extra detail, coverage and touch.



Jersey head wrap


Jersey is a light to medium material that is resistant to slippage. This makes it an ideal material to evolve your hijab styles around. With minimal attention and pins, you can wrap it securely around your head and it will stay like that- all day! It is highly practical for the summer months, as this material is a mix of cotton and elastane, making it breathable against any build-up of moisture and it moves with your body, with the least resistance. If you select to secure it with or without pins (or by tucking it in), the texture of the scarf will keep you cool all day long. Tuck or drape the remaining material, depending on your inner fashionista!


Our Lur & Nas collection showcase light and neutral colours that are summer appropriate. Especially the Luna, Safaa and Bunga, light pink and Spanish latte hijab models, that will carry you from day to night effortlessly. With minimal prints and buildable volume, all the hijab styles stated in our guide can flexibly be incorporated with this material.


Turban style


A style loved by most hijabi’s, this style can be created with minimal layering (perfect for summer) if incorporated with smart material choices. We suggest opting for a jersey material, which can be secured tightly around your head within minimal pins and effort. You will not need a cap either most of the time, meaning your head will thank you later if you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time.


Tip: When doing the turban style for summer, always opt for the least layers and volume to prevent you from feeling less ‘stuffy’ and cooler overall. Turban hijab styles can be done with no pins if you wrap it around the back of your head, with a knot and then tuck it under the scarf.