About us

Nea now, a blog to speak about modesty, sustainability, hijab style and much more.

Nea as directly related to the Arabic word Niyyah (The intention in one's heart to do an act for the sake of God) symbolizes the urge to create a movement within ourselves. A movement to get us closer to who we want to be as Muslim women in the 21st century.

December 2017 Aini starts  working very hard towards understanding how could, Nea as a brand become as ethical and sustainable as possible without compromising quality, style or affordability. Her educational and professional backgrounds are in fashion, marketing, and business. Nea is purposely working to find solutions to two big problems we are facing, the climate crisis, and the spiritual crisis. Now more than ever we need brands with innovative business models to create better solutions. After almost two years of research and work, Nea was  launched December  2019.


Why did Hijabs? 


After deciding to embrace the hijab in her early twenties, Aini could feel first-hand the courage and resilience that it takes to represent and stick to your beliefs in today's society. Therefore, NEA aims to remove some of that weight from our sister's shoulders; How?

Creating beautiful collections to increase the feelings of confidence, beautyl and contentment with ourselves, in a sustainable and ethical way. This is our biggest mission. 

We are introducing ourselves as a socially, environmentally and culturally conscious brand. Aesthetically original.